Leisure and tourism management master

Canary is a cluster of maximum leadership in the global tourism competitive environment. The development and impact of tourism in the Canary Islands economy is contextualized by the structural changes of its hotel reality and their horizontal integration processes and the unstoppable process of constant change of tourist marketing, from the importance of the playful and complementary offer.
On the other hand, with a wide range of tourist and as receiver of world tourism, Canary Islands will also attract international tourism that is derived from a range of fairs, congresses and other events, taking into account the competitive advantages of the Islands, claiming thus fair institutions that articulate and generate all a tissue of professional organizations of congresses and complementary sectors In addition to optimizing the hotel event facilities and boost with all this, trade and the global economy of the Islands.
The Master gives students a management profile involved in management or in public – private institution management – administration dedicated to fairs, conferences and other events (OPC’s) and/or in the management of a range of tourist accommodation and their marketing channels.
It is a course of postgraduate course aimed at graduates College and professionals of the sector, to obtain the degree of Master in tourism management and leisure.

From Venezuela, foreign students will not have to approve their studies in Spain. They accessed directly with the Diploma of baccalaureate.

Master tourist guide

Next call of tests for the qualification as a Tour Guide of the Canary Islands, legally indispensable according to Decree 88/2012 of 15 November, for the pursuit of the profession in the sector continues to create more jobs.

The official habilitation qualifies for the exercise of the profession in the EU.


Module 1. Tourism regulations.
Module 2. Knowledge of the Natural Environment of the Canary Islands.
Module 3. Knowledge of historical, artistic and Etnograficos of Canary Islands.
Module 4. Tourist resources of the Canary Islands – itineraries.
Module 5. Psychosocial for the professional performance skills.
Module 6. End of Master work.

* Optionally, the student may make practices on companies in the Sector throughout the academic year.

Academic entry requirements

You have a university degree (diploma, degree, graduate or PhD) or title of FP (senior technical information and tourism sales and technician in Guide, information and tourist assistance).
Have a foreign university degree approved in the country of dispatch.
Professionalism in the Sector, permission of the academic direction of the Center.

Start, duration and timetable

Start date: October 2016.
Schedule: Wednesdays from 17.00 to 21.00 hours.

Teaching and academic option formula

Face to face

Pre-registration and registration

Necessary documentation:

1 photocopy of the identity card or passport.
1 photography.
1 photocopy of the studies to enter.
1 photocopy of the C.V
The student tab

Price and payment

Cost: 1.500€
Possibility of financing in monthly installments, for more information contact center.

Master’s degree in event management, protocol and communication

60 ECTS (600 hours)


The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife organizer of the Master Management, Protocol Events and Communication.

The social demand for qualified personnel in the field of management in these areas in all Spain is evident, also quite significant in the Canary Islands, where the service sector is at the heart of its economy, a sector where are included the general foundations of which part this Master. This area requires qualified personnel to develop, coordinate and manage effectively and efficiently, the areas of reference, in order to achieve business and professional success.

This Master, of multidisciplinary character, comes to fill a training vacancy, which I agreed effectively the tools and techniques needed for specialization in the field of events, of the Protocol and communication adapted to the organizational reality that is demanded today.


What this Master in Event Management, Protocol and Communication, innovative is the interest put by the University School of tourism of Santa Cruz of Tenerife give an approach applied to the reality of the market of our environment, as well as having a teaching staff with a high specialization in the subjects taught, taking into account above all their experience in the fields that make up the Master. A few theoretical and practical seminars by renowned experts are included in the program.

Another of the novelties is the incorporation of technological resources, addressing the knowledge of different software applications for use in the area of communication.

Composition of modules

Module 1: foundations of Social Protocol, Protocol and enterprise. (8 ECTS)
Module 2: Marketing and sales (8 ECTS) module 3: communication and social networks. (8 ECTS)
Module 4: management skills and negotiation techniques. (4 ECTS)
Module 5: public relations. (6 ECTS)
Module 6: production and event management. (8 ECTS)
Module 7: practical external Master (10 ECTS) – 250 hours + memory
Module 8: final Master project (8 ECTS)


A. Graduates as College degree, undergraduate or graduate, interested in consolidating and expanding postgraduate training.
B. Professionals and experts, with multidisciplinary experience in the sector, in search of a solid knowledge of postgraduate continuing education in this field.

Access to the master

1 title of Master’s degree: for students with Bachelor’s degree, college diploma and university graduates.
2. University expert (University Extension course title) title: for students with College and professional requirements.
3 certified University Extension course: for students with diploma, degree or degrees that take specific modules.
4 professionals with experience in the business sector, urging application addressed to the academic Director of the Centre pending resolution by the same.

Start and schedule

Start date: October.
Delivery of the course: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 to 20.00 hours.

Teaching and academic option formula

Face to face: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 to 20.00 hours.
Semi u online: tutorials and Virtual Platform.

Pre-registration and registration

Documentation to deliver in the Center:
  • 2 photocopies DNI, NIE or passport with student visa.
  • 2 photocopies approved certificate of qualification, or notes (and can certify them in the center)
  • 2 photographs
  • C.V.
  • Tab of the student.

Price and payment

  • Amount of the Master: 2.480€
  • Possibility of financing in monthly installments, for more information contact center.

Master in direction and management of tourist smes.


The University School of Tourism of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, will give in this academic year the Master in Management and Management of Tourist SMEs.

The general objective of the Master is that all enrollees acquire the knowledge and skills required for the effective development of the functions, activities and tasks that currently correspond to professionals in the management and management of companies and tourist activities.

In this way, the students with the completion of the Master’s Degree will obtain a thorough preparation, allowing them to successfully tackle the challenges presented in the near future in the personal, business or professional.

Approaching for this, subjects related to different areas of the company such as the study of tourism markets, the development of strategies, planning, organization, management and coordination of the resources with which any tourist SME has to optimize its performance and maximize its benefits and minimize their costs.