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As Academic Director of the Escuela de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I want to welcome you to this Center and learn about our educational plan along the following pages.

The school has opted for training in the tourism field through the teaching of various titles with special emphasis on practice, through its support and advice in the labour market to students and with the signing of numerous cooperation agreements with companies in the tourist sector.

Natalia Rodríguez de Armas
Directora Académica


The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the incorporation into the University of La Laguna has a new office in the Anaga residential area in the capital of Tenerife, one of the best areas of Santa Cruz.

The Centre develops on one floor, boasts top quality materials, all their classrooms overlook the street, therefore having natural light and ventilation needed for better comfort.

Its distribution has been taken into account all legal requirements of the law regarding measures of classrooms, security, lighting, etc. Equipped with a classroom of Informatics, library, meeting facilities, etc.

In addition the Center has in its interior with a large courtyard, to the rest of the students, as well as a few banks and large palm groves as well as  coffee break service.

The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo, it also has an agreement with one of the most prestigious cafes/restaurants in the area, located in the same plaza, opposite the venue facilities. Thus students belonging to the Center can enjoy a few discounts in their breakfast and special menus.

Our Adresses:
Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Residencial Anaga (double acces)

– Plaza José de Zárate y Penichet 5, 1ª planta
– Calle José de Zárate y Penichet 5, 1ª planta (access for handicapped).
38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Management Team

Director: Natalia Rodríguez de Armas
Phone: 922 225 006
Fax: 922 151 162
Email: direccion@eutur.es

Facebook: Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Instagram: @eutur_tenerife

The school board functions

The Faculty Board is the highest authority of representation of the members of the Centre, with own competences in the matter of organization, coordination and management. It consists of a representation of teachers, students, and the Pas.

Its composition is renewed in the first months of each academic year.

Its functions include:

  • Define, approve and coordinate the action policy of the school, both in regards to teaching and research, as regards its economic and administrative regime.
  • Elaborate and approve the Project Regulation of the Regime Inside of School and its modifications.
  • Adopting teaching management of School plans and propose and report the modification in their curricula.
  • Approve the distribution of the funds allocated to the School charged to the budgets of the University of La Laguna.
  • Planned for organs collegiate in article 98 of the Statute of the University.
  • Exercise any other functions assigned by the governing bodies of University Government or recognized the existing order.

Committee on quality

President: Natalia Rodriguez de Armas
Coordinator: Ana V. Berdejo Fariña
Secretary: Juan Israel García Cruz
Professors: Marta Arbelo Pérez y Ana Ester Cruz González
Foreign agent: Enrique Padrón Fumero
Students: Mª Belén de la Fuente Perdomo
Pas: Nancy Rodriguez de Armas

Academic Committee

Ana Verónica Berdejo Fariña
Elena Pérez González
Lucas Morales Domínguez
Alternate: Natalia Rguez de Armas

Advisory Committee

Natalia Rodríguez de Armas
Elena Pérez González
Oswaldo Ledesma González
Alternate: Ana V. Berdejo Fariña

Comisión de Nuevas Tecnologías

Coordinador: Lucas Morales Domínguez
PAS: Nancy Rodríguez de Armas
First Member: Ana Verónica Berdejo Fariña
Second Member: José Luis Zurita Andión
Student: Raúl Codina Santos
Committee on mobility

Mobility Coordinator: Ana Verónica Berdejo Fariña
Secretary: Fabián Orán Llarena
Member: Natalia Rodríguez de Armas

Head of administration

Nancy Rodríguez de Armas
Phone: 651 411 543 / 922 225 006
Email: info@eutur.es

Academic Tutors

Degree in Tourism
First Course Tutor:

Professor: Sagrario Hernández Hernández.
Email: sagrario.hernandez@eutur.es

Second Course Tutor:

Professor: Fabián Orán LLarena.
Email: fabian.oran@eutur.es

Third Course Tutor:

Professor: Lucas Morales Domínguez.
Email: lucas.morales@eutur.es

Fourth Course Tutor:

Professor: Oswaldo Ledesma González.
Email: oswaldo.ledesma@eutur.es

Tutor of Degree Career in Tourism:

Professor: Natalia Rodríguez de Armas.
Email: direccion@eutur.es


Area of English Philology and German

Fabián Oran Llarena
Email: fabian.oran@eutur.es

Sagrario Hernández Hernández
Email: sagrario.hernandez@eutur.es

Alicia Hernández Rodríguez
Email: alicia.hernandez@eutur.es

Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Management

Alberto Gutiérrez Poleo
Email: alberto.gutierrez@eutur.es

Víctor Rodríguez Delgado
Email: victor.rodriguez@eutur.es

Ana Berdejo Fariña
Email: ana.berdejo@eutur.es

José Luis Zurita Andión
Email: jose.zurita@eutur.es

Lucas Morales Domínguez
Email: lucas.morales@eutur.es

Marta Arbelo Pérez
Email: marta.arbelo@eutur.es
Area of Sociology

Ana E. Cruz González
Email: ana.cruz@eutur.es

Area of Geography, Art History, Prehistory, Anthropology and Ancient History

Elena Pérez González
Email: elena.perez@eutur.es

Juán Israel García Cruz
Email: juan.garcia@eutur.es

Oswaldo Ledesma González
Email: oswaldo.ledesma@eutur.es

Daniel Miguel Méndez Rodríguez
Email: daniel.mendez@eutur.es

Area of Law and History of Economic Institutions

Fernando Betancort Reyes
Email: fernando.betancort@eutur.es

Miguel A. Expósito Pérez
Email: miguel.exposito@eutur.es

Optional Subjects

Oswaldo Ledesma González
Email: oswaldo.ledesma@eutur.es

Alejandro Velázquez Dorta
Email: alejandro.velazquez@eutur.es

Agustín Dorta Rodriguez
Email: agustin.dorta@eutur.es

Carmen Morales Rodríguez
Email: moralescar2002@yahoo.es

Practice External Coordination

Ana Berdejo Fariña.
Email: ana.berdejo@eutur.es

Coordinator of work end-of-degree

Elena Pérez González
Email: elena.perez@eutur.es

Coordinator Guidance Plan Labor Action (POAT)

Ana V. Berdejo Fariña
Email: ana.berdejo@eutur.es

Regulation of Venia Docendi of the University of La Laguna.(It entered into force on January 24, 2013).

Material resources

Classrooms and workspaces

The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife has four classrooms, in addition to a classroom of computer science, library and study room.

Thanks to the new change of infrastructure, all classrooms have the necessary audiovisual means for the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology ) in teaching: a video – projector with PC connection, with two points from one for the teacher and one Internet connection if it is necessary for students, in addition to access video and audio for DVD playback

Besides teaching classrooms (4 with capacity for 50 students) and 1 of 70, the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife has: a study room and an area reserved for research seminars, events, talks, conferences, etc.


Computer room

The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers its students a computer room that has ten computers, three laptops, a projector with screen, a photocopier, printer and scanner. Computers are equipped with the Windows operating system and office suites Microsoft Office, as well as Wi-Fi connection in all areas.

The students of the Centre as a student of the ULL, can also use the computer rooms of all faculties, being one of the most close to our Center the Escuela Técnica Superior de Naútica, Máquinas y Radioelectrónica Naval.



EUTUR has a library, where students of the Degree in Tourism can access an extensive bibliography regarding these studies. The same account with the following services:

1. Consultation in Room
2. Loan Librarian

The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife has an intern, Pedro González Melián responsible for library tasks under the supervision of a professor at the Centre.

We also have available to students (with a self-service photocopier) reprography service.

Campus Virtual
The methodology used in the delivery of certification of the Degree in Tourism is supported in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In this way, it becomes available to students a Virtual Campus as the Centre support tool. Through the campus, you can access each of the subjects, virtual classrooms which will allow both students and professors, monitoring of the same.

PDI and PAS email
There will be a number of University identification (NIU) and an email account of the ULL for pupils whose user is “alu” followed the NIU as ULL student.

University card
As students of the University of La Laguna, they may request the University card. This card allows access to the following services and identify members of the University community:

Library loan.
Bonds of dining.
Discounts on transportation, cinemas, travel agencies etc..
Access to public areas of the ULL (car parks, sports facilities, etc.).

You can deal with the claim of such a card through this link.

As students of the ULL, they have the option of formally apply in the dormitories the University of La Laguna puts at your disposal. This link can consult the corresponding information regarding a: requirements for application, location, etc.

In addition to the previously mentioned information, the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offers all its students accommodation options that are available through the following web page: www.lacasavioleta.es

In reference to the service of cafeteria, the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has an interesting agreement with a variety of catering establishments located a few meters from the Center, where students, teachers and other workers of the same, will benefit from discounts on consumptions.

For more information, please consult the Secretariat of the Centre.
Reinforcement of languages

Our Center offers its reinforcement of language for students from the first year of free and voluntary character (English and German). In addition, having different courses of languages and other subjects of interest that are offered throughout the year.

Rules and regulations


Agreement of affiliation to the University of La Laguna (ULL)


Statutes of the University of La Laguna
Status of University Student


Regulations of the University of La Laguna

Rules of procedure the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Regulations of the Ministry of Education

Academic calendar

You can consult the academic calendar for this year 2015-2016 on the institutional website of the University of La Laguna (ULL):

You can check the specific academic calendar of the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the year 2015-2016 in this link.

The Student Delegation

is a representative body of the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Tenerife, whose objective is to collaborate with the Director of the Centre in the transmission of proposals, demands of the rest of the students, participating in discussions relating to the academic administration.

They have a small meeting room, where students can go to request information and contact with students representatives.

They can also communicate through phone 922 225 006 or the email info@eutur.es.

Complaints, claims and suggestions

The Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Tenerife has a system of claims, complaints and suggestions, which you can send us your opinion about the operation of this Centre and the services offered.

The user of the services of the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife who wishes to file a claim, a suggestion, or report an incidence, and to facilitate fast and effective care of the request, must take into account the following:

1. Check that its incidence or greeting is related to teaching that is taught in this School.

2. Please complete the sections of the RQSIF request document, describing each section clearly.

3. Present the form at the School Secretary with check, in addition to forward said scanned document at the following email address: direccion@eutur.es

4. The Team of Director of the Centre, advised by the Quality Coordinator, is responsible for managing the procedure for the management of incidents, complaints and suggestions, along with services or bodies subject to incidence, complaint and suggestion.

5. Finally, you will be informed about the processing and evaluation of your request in writing.

Thank you very much for your help.

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